Recent Testimonials

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a photographic architectural workshop co-lead by Rick Hulbert. Rick is an amazing instructor. His background as a practicing architect gives him special insight on how to photograph buildings, interiors and even people. He is a hands-on teacher. I had the thrill of spending a morning shadowing him, speaking with him and shooting with him. To say I learned a tremendous amount would be a gross understatement. To summarize; this was one of the best workshops I ever took and look forward to taking another with Rick.
— Jed M Best
This was, by far, the best workshop I have taken since graduating from the Western Academy of Photography in 2013. I found Rick’s approach to photography, refreshing, inspiring, and very complimentary to my thought process. I loved Rick’s examples, anecdotes, and sense of humour. Using his photos, his expertise in architecture, and famous artworks (Picasso), Rick was able to express topics and lessons with great clarity.
     In addition, I personally reaped the benefits of watching and participating is his workflow for editing. It was money and time well spent.
     Thank you for sharing your passion. It truly shows.
— Janice Hayward, Professional Photographer and Journalist
As a long-time professional in the built environment and an amateur photographer, I have followed Rick’s workshop schedule and have actually attended two of his workshops and was amazed. Rick’s knowledge of architecture and photography combined with his teaching approach are phenomenal. His presentations are informative, interesting, inspiring and ingenious. Onsite location photography sessions are fun and productive and you can leave with plenty of great photos to savor. His post processing sessions are incredible. He shows the photos he took along with the participants to teach his visualization, approach and final product. I would recommend his workshops wholeheartedly.
— Roger Behgam
Your presentation and site tour covering Architecture, Urban Design, and Photography was very well received. Some of the cutting-edge research and insights you shared have not yet seeped into the curriculum, so the students certainly appreciated them. The students became aware of how an understanding of photography will enhance one’s visual skills and therefore one’s appreciation of the urban environment. You helped them go from simply seeing to a deeper perception of so many more elements. Thank you for teaching them how the discipline of photography can help them to better understand of how even a cursory awareness of human vision can begin to make them better designers. You have had such a profound impact on the urban fabric of downtown Vancouver and your historical perspective was a real revelation.
— Sam Sullivan, Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia