2014 Testimonials

. . . What a wonderful experience! His architectural vision and techniques are not only applicable for the course taught but to all genres of photography, all done in a very professional and friendly manner, with a great entertaining sense of humor while showing patience with all the participants. Rick is a great teacher but acts like your friend. The quality of his photographic and post processing work is nothing short of spectacular. I will not only recommend this workshop, I will try to do it again in another location. Mr. Hulbert has a new Cheer Leader.
— Oscar Piñeyro
You have a remarkable gift to inspire others, to offer encouragement and constructive criticism. I think one of your many legacies will be as a teacher of rare insight into individual students, and who helped shape and better the lives of those pupils fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn from you.
— Vince Hemingson
I loved it! I found him to be very enjoyable to listen to, and loved the images he shared . . . I loved hearing about the thought processes and reasoning that goes on behind images . . . Rick’s talk and examples put some reasoning behind some of it, and at the same time offered the freedom to “not follow the rules”. Rick truly is an inspiration. I totally believe the fact that 80% of his students would take a course from him in any subject... I would too! I wish all my prof’s in university were like him!
— Steve Lazemir
That was the best photographic presentation I have ever attended, without question. I loved your story telling and your analogies – bodies and buildings, feet and foundations.
— Lloyd Houghton
Your presentation was fabulous . . . So many people have commented on how much they learned, and how much they enjoyed your show and your style!
— Daphne Donaldson
Rick’s Urban and Street Photography workshop was awesome! The insights into the mind and methods of an award winning Architect and photographer provided an opportunity to significantly ramp up the quality of my images. He brings a unique mix of technique, technology, humor, gentle critical review and an amazing ability to alter the way one looks at a scene and really sees the critical elements, be it a person or a building.
— Ed Kelly
Rick’s workshop exceeded my expectations (already high based on reviews I read and other Nikonian Academy programs attended). . . The bonuses were a friendly, sensitive, intelligent man with a good heart, who knows his post-processing tools and the time he took to give us each new tools to work with our personal images to fix the ones we did not get quite correct in the field and make the ones we did do well even better. This workshop did take our photography to a higher level and promises to be a permanent foundation for continued growth in the field and in the computer room for a long time. Do not hesitate to attend this workshop if you get the chance.
— Bill Hanson
Rick, thank you for a fantastic Workshop! Although I was expecting a great session based upon the information on the Nikonians’ site, the four days in SF definitely exceeded my expectations. I feel like I gained significant knowledge, but also a new way to see and evaluate photographic opportunities that will benefit all of my work going forward . . . And, THANK YOU so much for making your sessions so enjoyable - I had a wonderful time! Your passion for photography is infectious and I definitely hope to attend another of your Workshops in the future.
Good lighting and good luck to you too!!
— Ingrid Lockhart
I just returned from the most fantastic four days . . . Rick did an excellent job of planning the four days to include a perfect combination of classroom lectures, field photography, and image critiquing . . . He was always there for each and every one of us. I think the most valuable part of the workshop for me was the critiquing Rick did . . . I look forward to attending more workshops with Rick in the future. I have already told several friends about Rick and the outstanding workshop he presented.
— Stephanie Cuneo
Just a short note to thank you for your recent Urban Travel Workshop. I learned a great deal from your wide-ranging lectures, in fact, more than I have from other workshops I have attended. Your teaching style and methodology really resonated with me. The “three E’s” of composition are now firmly entrenched and help me to pre-visualize and plan images. We appreciated the significant time and effort you put into both the lectures and field trip portions of this workshop.
— Gordon Griffiths
There’s a lot of little boy in you as your enthusiasm for what you are doing clearly shows. That enthusiasm is one of the reasons you are such a great teacher.
— Irene Graham
It was a well-rounded comprehensive and fun class touching on all of the elements required for successful urban and street photography. I appreciated your thoughtful perspectives on the art of photography. Also, your composition fundamentals will certainly help take my photography to the next level. The tips on how to engage people on the street were terrific as well. I now have no excuse for not getting out there and taking terrific photos.
— John Wolfe
Big Thank You and shout out for Rick! Great workshop, improvement in my work started with day 1. A relaxed presentation that held my attention and allowed me to glean an intensive stream of foundational to advancing information. Always available while shooting, he provided clear instruction and pushed my process along. I hope to attend his workshops again. I will recommend him to fellow photographers. The PDF of our sessions will be a very helpful referral resource in my library. Thanks again Rick, until our paths cross again
— Barbara Summers
I attended the Urban/Street workshop in Dallas in February 2014. I’m a relatively experienced enthusiast. Rick taught me a ton in a very enjoyable class. His style is very easy going and non-intimidating. He’s a real master, but doesn’t flaunt it. The balance between lecture, active shooting, and review was just about perfect.
— Charles Dugand
. . . Rick’s background as an Architect makes him a glove fit for a workshop on urban & street photography. As an instructor, Rick uses humor very effectively to convey his principles about framing, cropping and composing a photo. In the field making photos or in a hotel meeting room reviewing student’s images, Rick is non-judgmental, while at the same time he manages to give useful feedback to the students in his classes . . . I look forward to the opportunity to attend other workshops that Rick will teach in the future.
— Bruce Bourbon