Additional 2018 Testimonials

Thank you again for a fabulous presentation. You are by far one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. An inspiring evening for everyone!
— Patricia Ellingson
Media Executive/Consultant
I recently attended a Fine Art workshop in Toronto in which Rick Hulbert participated, and which I thought was both exceptional in quality and value to me. Rick has been in the education field for a number of years and it shows. He is gracious, exceptionally well prepared, knowledgeable and a great presenter. He has a deep knowledge of vision needed for images. This is both from a scientific as well as creative viewpoint. What went through my mind a number of times while listening to his presentations was that I could easily be listening to a TED talk. Outside of Rick’s abilities in presentation are beautifully choreographed visual presentations that are well organized and presented. I highly recommend Rick’s workshops as both an enjoyable time as well as a great learning experience. You can’t attend one of Rick’s workshops and not learn a number of things that will make your images that much better.
— Gary McLaughlin
I have just completed my second workshop with Rick. This was a 1-week photo tour with Pictours Portugal photographing in various locations in and around Lisbon and Sintra. He and Pictours Portugal provided a rich and varied learning experience. Rick has a huge depth of knowledge of all things photographic and he is able to impart this information in an easy manner with a wry sense of humour. He is extremely patient and his feedback is always constructive and provides opportunities for learning. Rick’s knowledge of post processing techniques and workflow provide invaluable learning. I feel that my photographic skills have improved enormously through the workshops I have taken with Rick and I look forward to my next photographic experience with him.
— Mary Weir
Thank you very much for sharing your passion for photography. The seminar truly exceeded my expectations - it was a thought-provoking and engaging workshop on the Practice of Interior Design Photography. After the two-day workshop I left eager to learn more and put the principals of Interiors Photography into practice. I would love to see a follow up seminar to advance upon the knowledge that was so generously shared and perhaps an opportunity for infield exploration.
— Joanna Keliar
With a goal of ‘upping my photographic game,’ I signed up for Rick Hulbert’s Edge of Night Photography Workshop. The combination of various Vancouver city location shoots in the early mornings and evenings, together with classroom learning which included photography basics, photographic composition, and editing the group’s images with various programs, provided me with a number of ‘Aha Moments,’ which were so very satisfying! As for Rick the teacher . . . he is a very professional ‘gentleman’; an instructor blessed with patience, delivering his knowledge with both a sense of humour and elements of humility. He presents his knowledge as but one way to do things, never as the only way. Just a blast was had by this participant!
— Loch McJannett
Rick is a great instructor and keeps the discussions lively and informative. He is very good at explaining the ‘rules’ of these styles of photography and goes beyond ‘the rules are the rules, you must obey’ to explain the compositional basics, so you understand why it is important to follow the rules and to know when you can break them. I whole-heartedly recommend Rick’s teachings to everyone regardless of your skill level as Rick somehow manages to individualize his interaction with the participants. These classes were very helpful in pushing my photography to the next level.
— Mike Schaffner
I am delighted to have taken several of Rick’s workshops and without a doubt I have inevitably come away a better photographer after each one. This was especially true following the latest workshop that I attended, ‘Advanced Architectural Photography’ in which Rick and Marc Koegel combined their artistic and design skills to produce a workshop that examined innovative architectural photography from the creative and technical ends of the spectrum. I was left much better educated, informed and inspired.
— Bob Kucheran
I recently completed a 4-day Photography Workshop with Rick Hulbert. This was the absolute best photo course I have taken. The content included a perfect combination of in-class theory; along with ‘hands-on’ photography traveling to great locations around the city to apply what I had learned. Once back in the classroom, Rick shared how to use Lightroom Software for editing the photos we took. Rick is a brilliant teacher, both in class and during field trips. He enthusiastically shared knowledge, answered every student question, encouraged dialog and inspired us to take and make great pictures. As a beginner in photography, I wasn’t sure if this course would be too advanced for my level. Although others in the class had more experience than I did, I learned so much, and now have a deeper understanding of what’s possible with photography. Ricks after course support was amazing. Following the course, I had some questions about photos I had taken at a wedding that were under and over exposed. When I emailed Rick to ask for help, he made time to review my photos and assisted with edits. Rick is a true teacher and professional. His passion is so evident in teaching photography. I will be taking more courses from Rick in the future.
— Karen Devito
What a great teacher you are!!!! I often say that the best job is where you find your bliss. You’ve found it and it was a joy to experience your class. Believe me, I’m sure your classes could use more than the two hours you gave us every Monday for 6 weeks. There’s so much more in your head that you could have shared with us and would have done so willingly but these classes are meant to be short and to give an overview on a subject matter so vast and big on technicalities. You were able to simplify the technicalities. It gave me an incentive to reach for more. I now understand the phrase ‘seeing it through different lenses’ as a metaphor for my practice in life. Thank you, Rick.
— Jocelyn Pittel
Photo Club Members are still talking about how much they appreciated your presentation on Lightroom … your presentation approach and techniques made it possible for people to follow what you were doing with each image. Expanding the image to show the details was much easier to follow than what most people do. It was also the first time anyone has been able to show us the definitive difference between RAW and jpeg with member images.
— Peter Owens
Thank you so much, Rick, for a great week of learning, laughing, and shooting!
     I am really going to enjoy photographing buildings and making sure my vertical lines are portrayed as Vertical!
     Thank you so very much.
— Joan Tilton
I had a very positive experience on a 7-day workshop with Marion, Fernando and Rick Hulbert. Although I’m a very experienced photographer, I learned to see things differently, as each of the leaders have a different perspective than mine, on creating images. From shooting to processing, there was something new to learn every day.
— Bryan Walwork
I really enjoyed your presentation last Wednesday at our Camera Club meeting.
     It was the most useful talk on Lightroom I have ever experienced.
     I am now resolved to learn more!
— Derek McCann, P.Eng.
Last Thursday our Camera Club members were treated to Rick Hulbert’s enlightening workshop on urban photography. Rick is an architect, urban designer and photographer and his expertise in the former two fields makes for a distinctive approach to photography.
     I am pleased to advise that I have received many positive comments from members saying how much they enjoyed the evening. One often repeated question has been, ‘When can we get him back?’
— Eric Hackman
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today at the Senior’s Centre. I really appreciated the facts, figures, tips and absolutely outstanding photos and sequences you presented reflecting your experiences in Antarctica. To me it contained so many National Geographic moments.
— Bud Currie
We so enjoyed your Photography Club presentation tonight. It was perfect. I stayed chatting to members at the door for a while afterwards, and everyone was echoing my sentiments. So . . . very many thanks for educating us so wonderfully. We will have you back again and again.
— Lynne Kelman
Hey Rick, thanks so much for these concise notes from our just-completed Simon Fraser University course on Seeing and Perceiving the Urban Landscape through Photography. You are a gifted teacher and fabulous photographer. I so appreciated your stated goal of getting every one of your students to become better photographers - no matter where we are on the learning curve. I am looking through the camera lens with greater knowledge and am eager to get out there to photograph our beautiful city - all thanks to you.
— Judith Smith
This 2-day workshop on Photography for Interior Designers scores a perfect 10 as an accredited continuing education course. In fact, it was the best professional course that I have taken since University. This was a relaxed workshop with artists and other members of my profession who wanted to enrich their skills and knowledge about photography and editing. Rick teaches in a relaxed style, full of humour and the confidence of a seasoned professional. His own photography is full of rich subject matter and a stunning use of photography and editing techniques. His course content was practical, applicable and clearly presented. I look forward to developing my own skills after taking this course and I hope that I have the opportunity to take more courses from Rick as my skills develop. Thank you Rick, for all your kind support and patience with so many questions from all of the participants about your techniques and trade secrets revealed.
— Wendy McGeary
I want to thank you for giving me confidence in my photography. I was asked to do a 1-hour public presentation on Architectural Photography back in the fall and while I was terrified of speaking in front of people, it went really well and it has led to more professional photography work for me. There was no way I would have given a public talk before I attended your workshop.
— Lindsay Reid
Photographer, Web Designer
Thank you for a very informative and well-organized course in Toronto last weekend! I am very pleased that your course has provided both practical knowledge along with the science justifying that knowledge. You presented a good balance of lectures, practical photography, post-production techniques and critical analyses of example images.
     You are a very talented educator and a passionate teacher. Your approach of the ‘3 E’s’ . . . Edges/Elbows/Elements is an amazing way to start thinking about the critical elements of photographic composition from different perspectives. I wish that IDCEC and ARIDO would collaborate more with you on these kinds of workshops for interior design industry professionals. As you quoted - ‘The camera is a tool that allows us to better see and perceive the world around us . . . without a camera.’ I would like to share it with ARIDO and IDC to educate designers.
— Pavel Voronenko
Thanks again for a tremendous presentation to the Pacific Digital Photography Club on Workflow and Editing. I was pleased that we had a full-house and the feedback I am getting is that the members really appreciated your presentation. I have been a Lightroom user for years and, even so, I learned a lot.
— Ted Nodwell, Guest Speaker Coordinator
I really enjoyed this workshop. To tell you the truth I was a little skeptical in the beginning as I have never done much architecture photography but I really learned a lot from you and Marc. You have a good way of teaching and make it enjoyable with your dry sense of humour. I have been to other workshops with excellent photographers but they do not have your talent for imparting knowledge. You also seem to enjoy it which makes a big difference as ‘students’ can sense that. Anyway, carry on the good work and thanks again.
— David Burt
Rick has that rare quality of empathy in a teacher that allows him to respond to any question, regardless of the student’s level of knowledge or equipment, in a way that is both respectful and helpful.
— David & Susan Van Blarcom
Thank you for your guidance and hints. The workflow you outlined has been really helpful in giving us a new way to look at our pictures. I actually redid a few using that workflow and I quite liked the results. I can see where my travel photos will really benefit from this. The constructive critiques were very beneficial as they give us an opportunity to see photos through a different viewpoint. Yeah, pretty much eye-openers! Thanks for the notes. I always get something constructive from your courses. My take-away this time is enjoying the blue hour! Hope to take your travel course. Thank you for your time and patience.
— Anne Ambro
After taking a number of Rick’s courses I expected his three day ‘Edge of Night’ workshop would be worthwhile – and indeed it was. I was rewarded with a greater understanding of my equipment – particularly the utility of various camera settings and filters and new knowledge of editing techniques and processes. During the field sessions, our small group of eight provided for ample individual coaching from Rick. In the classroom portion, I found it most helpful that Rick demonstrated editing and workflow techniques not only in Lightroom but also in Photoshop – with which I am more familiar. As with the other participants, I was impressed with the ‘wow’ factor that he brought to my images as he demonstrated various editing techniques. As well, I found the segments on composition and shooting techniques a real eye opener and will help me make better use of my equipment. Moreover this workshop provided me with the opportunity to photograph my city from locations and at ‘edge of night’ times that I had not previously experienced. Overall, I learned a great deal and believe the level of my photography will be enhanced as a result of Rick’s workshop.
— Larry Hawkins
Having just completed Rick Hulbert’s ‘Art and Science of Photographic Composition’ workshop I would thoroughly recommend this course. Regardless of your ability or skill as a photographer — from novice to professional — you will absolutely enjoy the way Rick reveals the art and science of composition for you.
— Christopher “Kit” Griffin
I LOVE the photographs that I produced from the workshop in Toronto May 2018.
     Thanks so much for putting this on in this location. The instruction that we received and the other participants made this learning opportunity very satisfying. Thanks for the transcripts from the lecture presentations as well. It will help for a review. This was a terrific workshop and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one to anyone interested in fine art or architectural photography.
— Dorothy Morrison
As an architect, I thought I had a pretty good eye for composition and subject matter. Rick’s clear explanations of the principles he has identified through his years of research and experience have opened my eyes wide to many techniques to achieve better results. I can modestly say my photography has already improved and I have barely scratched the surface of what he communicated.
     Through his teaching, I now better understand my equipment, and more importantly, how to capture and then create the best images I can, using software – the fun has just begun!
— Brian Palmquist
Rick’s course ‘Seeing and Perceiving the Urban Landscape Through Photography’ at SFU has helped me to take my travel photos beyond snapshots to more thoughtful images and to take better advantage of my camera’s technical versatility. His examples were both beautiful and inspiring! I found Rick’s SFU course ‘From RAW to Polished’ a very helpful introduction to photo editing. Our class members, ranging from beginners to more experienced photographers and editors, all appreciated his patience, humour, and expertise.
— Alice Ireland
That was absolutely great. Your photographs are amazing and your delivery so informative and highly amusing. You are an outstanding teacher with a thirst for knowledge you are eager to impart; a wonderful photographer and a great personality.
— Irene Graham
Previous to taking Rick Hulbert’s RAW to Polished image editing course I had taken a 3-month Lightroom course, with a total of 36 hours of instruction. It was very informative on the behind the scenes workings of Lightroom, but didn’t delve to deeply into editing. I learned far more about how to actually take and edit photos in 12 hours with Rick. His instruction is very clear and easy to follow, lots of humour as well. He is extremely patient. This is very important because students of all levels are present and he ensures everyone understands the topic. I have applied his methods to many of my existing photos with fantastic results. I would highly recommend this course. It will be some of the best money you ever spend on photography.
— Howard Done
I have been at two photography presentations by Rick prior to attending his two-day ‘Enhancing the Practice of Interior Design through Photography’ workshop. I appreciated that Rick conducted the workshop with the same high levels of practical information, theory and examples from his own photography as was present in the presentations I had gone to. His open and friendly teaching style encouraged questions and left me feeling that we had all gained insight into how to produce much better photography of interior spaces. I especially appreciated the way Rick related field capture techniques to the post production process to make images that more truly represent the interior space we studied. My photos are better already and I feel that I have a good basis to improve further. I will be looking for the next opportunity to attend another of Rick’s workshops.
— Mike Doolan
I had the privilege of producing together with Rick Hulbert and my partner Marion McCristall a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal in May of 2018.
     Besides being a great photographer, Rick is also someone with an uncommon ability to communicate … someone who takes us through his thinking by the deconstruction of complexity, supported by a constructively pedagogical logic and deep knowledge of the art of photography. These attributes make Rick Hulbert someone who in his own right should be given the status of professor.
     Thank you Rick for the 10 days of work we spent together, for the fellowship and friendship.
— Fernando Piçarra, Professional Photographer