Additional 2017 Testimonials

I recently attended the very popular SFU course on The Impact of the Arts and Sciences on Photography.
Rick’s presentations were a feast for the eyes and helped me appreciate the combined influences of the arts and sciences on photography. Rick is a master teacher…articulate, animated, humourous, well organized, presenting thought-provoking content illustrated with his beautifully crafted photographs. I am sure that what I learned will guide me as a ‘beholder’ of photography and in taking my own photographs.
— Irene Gutmann
I love looking at interesting photographs but have never taken any courses to learn more about what goes into making them and what it is that makes them captivating. Until now. I was lucky to enroll in Rick’s course on The Impact of the Arts and Sciences on Photography where I gained appreciation of what a fine - and Fine-Art photographs can be, and how they inspire one’s imagination. It is amazing how much Rick’s knowledge, his perception, his ability to communicate - and make complex concepts understandable - and his own artistic skills and insights have added to my own ability to see and understand what can make photographs so enriching to one’s aesthetic experience. Thank you, Rick.
— Alexander Budlovsky
Taking a Rick Hulbert led workshop is like being included as part of an expedition … as if you’re on board the Beagle exploring the far off Galapagos. He explores the world of photography with the same passion and intellectual daring as drove explorers of old. And you’re along for the ride, or the adventure … it’s up to you. The workshops I’ve taken with Rick have been very enjoyable experiences and each one has taken my photography to a new and invigorating level. I look forward to the next one.
— John Brandrick
I have had the pleasure of attending two of Rick’s architectural photography workshops and by doing so, I have grown immensely as a photographer. His passion and talent for architecture, photography and teaching is why I continue to seek his guidance and advice and I don’t hesitate to recommend Rick and his workshops to those who want to learn from the best.
— Sandra Bell, Professional Architectural Photographer
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the entire 4 days. I left wanting more. You are kind, funny, brilliant, patient, witty, inclusive, and so generous with your time. Your presentations were so informative and I was excited to go to the workshop everyday. Seriously, the best 4 days ever!!
— The Artist Known as T.M.
Rick has done it again. We all have come to understand and appreciate what Rick has to offer in terms of his experience and insightful dissection of photography. Rick will break it down and then build it back up so that the student is left with a very clear understanding of what is required to start down the road of photographic mastery. I didn’t quite get it at first, but as the four days went by, I had again learned and my photography had morphed beyond my own expectations.
— Patrick Yu
It was one of the best organized and technically helpful workshops that I have experienced. Rick, the notes are fabulous & easy to read. Great for a review prior to going on a shoot or future photo travel trip. Your patience, expertise and one-on-one time with each of us was extremely helpful.
— Bruce Stevenson
I had the real pleasure of being in Rick’s four-day workshop in Vancouver, BC. Rick is an amazing, dedicated and caring teacher. I came away with some real solid “mental assets” on how to think about my photography. Rick brought aspects from other visual disciplines that allowed me to look and think about my images and image making in a broader and complimentary sense. Rick is not a rules kind of guy, rather he helped the class to understand principles and not be imprisoned by rules. It was also rare for a photography teacher to not only discuss and show the principles in action but also showed the effects of abiding and not abiding to the principles - both okay so long as they met the desired vision of the photographer. Rick put in an amazing amount of effort to ensure that everyone in the class got what they came for including a lot of out of class one-on-one mentoring when required. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rick and his class.
— Areef Abraham
Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the entire 4 days. I left wanting more. You are kind, funny, brilliant, patient, witty, inclusive, and so generous with your time. Your presentations were so informative and I was excited to go to the workshop everyday . . . Best 4 days ever!!
— Tanya Mickey
Rick you are amazing!!! I can’t thank you enough for your time and advice/expertise. I also want to be careful to not take advantage of your help. I’m so grateful for all of your help. I can’t thank you enough for making me a better photographer.
— Gabriela Sladkova, Professional Photographer
I recently attended the accredited IDCEC Workshop Entitled ‘Enhancing the practise of Interior Design through Photography,’ provided by Rick Hulbert. It was an intense two-day course covering various aspects of photography from composition to technical to software programs for processing your photos. As a digital photography newbie & previous iPhone addict I found the course highly informative. I now have a greater understanding in photographing our work and of how to communicate effectively with the professional photographers we hire to photograph our projects. Rick delivered a wealth of information with ease, patience, a great sense of humour and passion. Whether you are just getting into digital photography or are a seasoned photographer there are many pointers that Rick offers that will be beneficial to your work. It is definitely a course I would take again.
— Sharon Bortolotto
I was pleasantly surprised by the many different teaching methods used throughout this workshop. Besides the usual presentation and slideshows, we have photo walks, one-on-one portfolio reviews, technical demos, and a final assignment that was both challenging and rewarding and showcased what fine art photography is, a genre that emphasizes self-expression. It reinforced my belief in how I would like to take my pictures.
— Stephen Huen
. . . I had a great weekend, – thank you so much for this course! I am going to let IDCEC and IDIBC know that we need more courses of this calibre!
— Cecilia Cairns
Rick is an excellent teacher with an easy going relaxed manner and although very knowledgeable, never comes across as “the expert” with a formula that everyone must follow in order to be successful. Instead, he provides guidance and suggestions based to a large extent on his background in architecture, design and photography . . .
Rick provided some excellent compositional concepts that can be applied to any image no matter what the subject. He stresses getting as much right in camera as possible, thus saving time in processing and more importantly, reducing the need for extensive cropping with a corresponding reduction in image size and resolution. The concepts are easy to learn and very powerful. I have used his ideas on every shot I have composed since. If learning an easy Lightroom processing workflow and strengthening your compositional skills is of interest to you, consider contacting Rick about registering for his next workshop.
— Graham Budd
. . . Thank you for delivering an outstanding seminar . . . I gained so much insight into the way we ought to approach photography, with a mind for celebrating interiors and key aspects of our design. Your classroom personality is wonderfully engaging and I believe you have successfully identified the key to adult learning - humour, as an incredible way to level + unite. . . extending many thanks for your time + wisdom.
— Claire Fisher
Great architectural photography course. Not only did I learn a lot about photography from an architectural point of view but how to best manage it post production. Highly recommend this course if you are ever going to have a man made structure in a photograph.
— Garry Lunn
Ultimate Urban Travel Photography Workshop with International Award Winning Architect, Urban Designer and Photographer, Rick Hulbert was one of the most intense and engaging learning experiences of my life. . . . His lectures are amazing. His own photographs, used to illustrate his points, awesome. He answers all questions with equal grace, no matter how technical, controversial, or simple . . . Conscious of what each student wants and needs, he ensures everyone equal “one on one” time. It seems that Rick has become the platonic ideal of a photography teacher: rigorous, thoughtful, constantly learning himself, and downright funny to boot. No wonder he is in such demand. . . . So, how to rate Rick Hulbert as a teacher of photography? A+++ He more than delivers on what he promises, with the caveat to potential students that he deliberately pitches his program to make the best possible photos. “Learning by doing” is the name of the game. Nothing is more effective. Rick teaches a theory of photography which will stay with us forever. And the attention he pays each student makes it like a master
class in photography.
— Marion Lane
The workshop experience was educational, social and just plain fun!
I intend to spend more time learning from Rick and others who attend his workshops and I recommend that others who want to improve their photography do the same.
— Bryan Walwork
This workshop helped me do things with my camera I could not have done before . . . Also the program format is perfect . . . I learned how others had photographed scenes, and Rick’s analysis of their shoots and how to finish images with Lightroom software . . . This is the way for everyone to climb the ladder to the next rung and a great way to improve your photography.
— Ed Dunnett
Thank you so much for the notes from your personal presentations at the Chicago Workshop. I enjoyed the Workshop with you very much and your sessions were very well delivered, thoughtful and informative. Your background as an extremely accomplished architect was very evident, particularly in your close attention to detail which I can relate to fully as I love detail myself . . .The workshop certainly met my expectations, and I look forward to attending more with you in the future (God willing!). Needless to say I really enjoyed your humour and sense of fun and the laughter emanating from the classroom at times must have had the hotel staff smiling.
— Doreen Burcham
. . . Rick encouraged me to shoot as I normally do, occasionally asking questions of how I was dealing with the background and the like. Never being pushy or intimidating, but encouraging . . . he showed me his work flow and I was floored. His methods were different than I was taught, but “Wow,” he showed me how to cut my time in half with better results. I am a better photographer for it and looking forward to doing more Workshops with Rick.
— Ed Mallett
Thanks Rick for another great course full of useful information and techniques, supported by great photo examples. Look forward to attempting to put it all in practice!
— Dave Tyler
Rick Hulbert is an exceptional teacher - inspiring, encouraging and informative. In his 4 day garden photography workshop I learned some great principles to guide my photography and got some exciting ideas to try out. Rick has a nice balance between his presentations, giving his students hands on experience, and then providing valuable feedback on our photographs. Viewing Rick’s photography was inspiring. He would explain what he did and made the work flow sound achievable. At the end of the course, I felt ready to take my photography to the next level - thanks Rick!
— Doreen Jung
As an interior designer who is keen to take my own project photographs, and also as an artist and author wanting to expand my skill set, I signed up for Rick Hulbert’s photography workshop. It was a terrific two days of fundamental concepts, relevant theory and great practical discussion that will help me move forward and develop my skills and also allow me to collaborate more effectively with other professional photographers. Rick’s approach is very user friendly, down-to-earth, interesting and inspiring. I highly recommend this workshop!
— Mary Chernoff
The Workshop was not only a great learning experience and a wonderful insight into the beginnings of interior and exterior architectural photography, the joy of being taught by Rick was probably the greatest part. Rick’s theories light, art history, and design in relation to photography is outstanding . . . I look forward to other lessons on photography in the future.
— Gwyntie van Tuyl Weswick
Rick Hulbert’s enthusiasm for teaching photography is evident throughout his presentations. His presentation on Lightroom Classic was engaging and informative. His explanations were clear and concise and he illustrated his points with photographic examples. Even our members who have very little experience with photographic editing software found the presentation engaging and informative. He did it all with humour.
— Peter Owens
Thanks for an excellent photography workshop . . . it was very worthwhile. . . I quite enjoyed the workshop & left feeling more confident as I reactivate my photography hobby from the film days & move into the new world of digital. Thanks for your energy & expertise, & for offering to all of us to be a support resource… that’s terrific. Thanks again – superb workshop!
— Judith Lloyd
Thanks for the new skills. I spent the weekend reviewing and practicing and you did what I asked... you upped my game. . .
It was clear in my mind what I had hoped to get from your workshop. You nailed it and more. I practiced this weekend and there it was, the missing pieces. Thanks Rick!
— Liz Dehn
Thanks for everything. You got me back into photography, and I learned a lot of helpful things from how you work.
— John Swanson
Thanks again for a terrific workshop. Seeing Vancouver from the vantage point of an architect/photographer was a real learning experience. Your images are very distinct and I appreciated your generosity in sharing with us your philosophy of elements, edges and elbows and how to successfully place them within a frame. Thanks as well for the PDF document you provided at the conclusion of the workshop. It’s a great review of the material you covered. I learned a lot!
— Cindy Stephenson
Thanks for conducting a terrific workshop . . . I learned more about post-processing than at any other workshop I’ve attended. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the one-on-one attention you gave regarding Lightroom. I’m very happy with the finished photos I was able to make.
— Bryan Davenport
Great course on Interior Design Photography. The right balance of lecture, work flow post production, practical photo shoot and critiques. Always fun and worthwhile.
— Garry Drunn
What a delight to hear Rick speak at my photography club! He could have stood at the front and given a rousing talk that would have left us satisfied, but Rick went many steps further — actually manipulating images in Lightroom as we watched on the big screen. As a Photoshop user, I enjoyed seeing the differences and similarities in Lightroom. As a former teacher, I admired Rick’s ability to convey the information in a way that an audience of varying skill levels could grasp. In fact, I’ll bet that everyone took something valuable away that day. For me it was an ah-hah moment regarding the use of histograms. Rick is an entertaining speaker whose skill, sense of humour, and enthusiasm combine in just the right proportions.
— Ruth Raymond
Just want to say a BIG Thank You for your very well presented, clear and informative presentation on photographic fundamentals . . . Also, you clearly demonstrated the depth and flexibility of Lightroom CC to enhance marginal photos to bring out what was intended. I enjoyed last year’s full day presentation as well, but this one was stellar because it has given me a lot to think about with regard to new things to explore ... such as finding a unique look to express in fine art photography.
— Patricia Haugen
Wanted to thank you for our 4 day workshop on Urban gardens of Vancouver. It was interesting how you incorporated your structured architecture with the free flow gardens . . . It was a refreshing experience to photograph for me. I enjoy photography without thinking about rules, yet still having you, in your laid back manner, to give suggestions. Thank you.
— Cathryn Thomas
Thank you Rick for a very stimulating and informative course. As you know, I have invested a lot of money in photographic gear. I am very pleased that your course has provided much practical knowledge which will allow me to greatly enhance the enjoyment of my hobby and eventually produce much better images. I greatly benefited from your teaching style as you went to considerable effort to explain the reasons for selecting certain post production enhancements. Thank you for sharing your Lightroom work flow. It is an improvement over what I have been doing. I was particularly thankful for the effort you made to better set up my camera. The one on one walkabout will help me train my eye to see interesting subjects in everyday life. As I improve the capture of the images, it will allow me to de-emphasize the technical details freeing my mind to the creation of more interesting photographs.
— Ken Brown
My post processing just stepped up a notch with thanks to you. . . . I tried your “HDR” method and wow, I’m pretty darn happy!! I did your process as suggested in LR and then took the photos into PS for a few more touch ups along with some Topaz adjustments. I was rewarded with a lot of compliments on the photos that I took that day. Your process is brilliant, thanks!
— Janet Slater
I wanted to thank you for the great seminar in Victoria this past weekend. I confess that I have never before tried Urban/Street photography, so it was completely out of my comfort zone. But I learned to stretch that comfort zone & much to my surprise, really & truly enjoyed myself. I also have to extend a HUGE thank your for all your post editing instruction. It really made a difference in processing my photos.
— Judy Johnston
Members in the West Vancouver Seniors’ Photography Club were again presented with an exceptional afternoon as Rick Hulbert took problem photographs and converted them into fine art in Lightroom. His knowledge of this program is outstanding but the way he showed us how it can be applied was truly a highlight. His step by step application of the control elements in Lightroom could be followed in a truly educational way. He always explained why he was making a change and would ask for our comments as he went along. Rick’s presentation was delivered with humor and in a way that had his audience fully with him. I can honestly say that it was a great afternoon made memorable by this talented photographer and teacher.
— Tommy Thomas
My first workshop with Rick was in 2013 – Urban Travel Photography – and I experienced several Aha! moments that took my photography to the next level. Since then, I have attended a variety of workshops/seminars/lectures and his knowledge of architecture, photography, photo theory, software and his constant reminder of “edges” continues to inspire me to get out there and make better images. Thank you Rick for sharing your knowledge and passion for photography in a style that enlightens all who attend.
— Faye Cornish