For the past four decades, I have had the pleasure of addressing groups on the topic of visual design. Requests for my visual presentations and lectures have taken me to numerous urban locations on four continents.

More recently, I have been a featured speaker at Camera Clubs, Professional Associations and other group gatherings, specifically discussing topics related to Digital Photography.

Recently developed and presented topics:

  • Photographing Buildings . . . Inside and Out

  • National Geographic Expedition Photography . . . 6 days in Antarctica

  • Travel Photography . . . Portugal

  • Travel Photography . . . The Czech Republic

  • The Complexity of Colour and the Lure of Luminance

  • Urban Heritage Photography

  • The Art and Science of Fine Art Photography

Other titles have included:

How Photography Can Enhance Your Visual Sensibilities
(Vancouver Public Salon – 8-minute YouTube Video)


Requested presentations and lectures to groups can be customized.