2015 Testimonials

I can honestly say that I learned more about photography from you than during any other photo seminar I’ve taken. And I think my skills will improve as a result. Thank you!
— J. Sternbergh
Thank you for all of your input and insight. This was the best course to date and I have all of you to thank!!! Rick, you were even better than your reputation!! I can’t thank you enough for your time and tutelage!
— G. Sladkova
Thanks for a powerful four-day experience – what the Americans would term “totally awesome” – during which I learned a hell of a lot, both theory and practice. One of the outstanding features of this workshop was the camaraderie amongst the participants. Questions were asked and answered meaningfully, work was critiqued positively and constructively and all class members felt able to contribute to each other of their own know-how and experience. I am so glad to have made the effort . . . it really was the best ever.
— N. Ginsbury
Rick Hulbert’s workshop on Urban Street Photography was my first with Nikonians, and certainly will not be my last. I had a great time. … I should point out that the main reason for my taking the workshop is two-fold: 1) Rick is an actual working architect...that means a great deal, as I wanted to gain an architect’s perspective with regards to photography  2) I like and admire Rick’s photography.
— F. Villafane
Thank you so much for delivering such a quality presentation so densely packed with concise and practical instruction in such a short period of time! Your course had an immediate positive impact on my photography, and opened my eyes to options in pre and post visualization I had never considered or really understood. In addition to your background and expertise in architecture and photography, your honest teaching style combined with a sense of humour kept me engaged through the 2 day course without feeling self-conscious about my own level of photographic skill and knowledge. I will be certain to attend more of your classes.
— M. Stanway
I learned a great deal from your wide-ranging lectures, in fact, more than I have from other workshops I have attended. Your teaching style and methodology really resonated with me. The “three E’s” of composition are now firmly entrenched and help me to pre-visualize and plan images. We appreciated the significant time and effort you put into both the lectures and field trip portions of this workshop.
— G. Griffiths
Your Charleston Urban and Street Photography was an outstanding photographic learning experience for me. Definitely it was one of the most informative and fun workshop I’ve attended. Watching you manipulate our RAW captures in the post-process was like watching a magician practicing their art. The balance between the lectures, fieldwork and critique was just right.
— B. Davenport
Rick’s lecture was chock full of high value morsels of information that I was thirsty to take in. His humour, expansive knowledge from all realms and innate creativity made for a riveting lecture that provided much inspiration for this beginner photographer.
— L. Douglas
Thank you for a great workshop! This was one of the best I have attended. You certainly delivered on your promise to raise my photography to the “next level.”
The principles we learned cut across all types of photography by relating to architecture, art, human perception, “photographing the light” and the use of “edges.” 
I am more of a technical photographer and have difficulty with, “artsy’ or creative photographs. I like rules and formulas. I am pleased that you not only helped me technically but your encouragement to first understand, then experiment with breaking the rules with a sense of purpose and emphasis so it is clear that these departures were intentional, helped me on the expressive side. Your insight on how to relate subject, setting and action to invoke a reaction in the viewer was invaluable. Your unique way of interacting with each student as if he/she were the only one in the class and sharing your passion of photography is appreciated.
— B. Novakoff
I really appreciated your style, slide content and willingness to share knowledge. Your presentation far exceeded any other session on photography that I have attended.
— J. J. Hein
Doing photography for 20 years I have never been to a workshop with as much information and hands-on instruction. To go through your process from beginning to end, is truly inspirational.
— R. Sargeant
Yesterday’s presentation was nothing short of a home run. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious and your sense of humor is a treat. After the workshop I could not wait to get to my cameras. Thanks loads!
— W. Heyman
Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring and educational day. The great thing was that not only did we learn a great deal, it was fun. Your style is terrific and by the way, your architecture is beautiful.
— G. Topper
I am home now . . . and elated at the fabulous four days we spent together. What a great guy and instructor you are Rick. Your humour, enthusiasm and genuine caring for the participants was infectious.
I feel I have moved up another gear (step?) in my photography and it is thanks to you. My photographic life has been enriched as a result of attending this workshop.
— F. Lovett
. . . my expectations were very high.
The format of the workshop is ideal. The days are broken up between lectures, discussions, and shooting in the field. . . .
The best part of this workshop, I think, is that it can be beneficial for any photographer, no matter your experience or interest. The techniques Rick teaches are applicable to almost any type of photography. The skills I gained at the workshop were not just a step change, they really cranked up my game several times over.
— C. Brown
I can enthusiastically recommend the workshop. Anyone that wants to take the next step in their photography, this is for you. Rick gives a unique insight to shooting the Urban landscape with his background as an Architect. The class is a good mix of shooting and critique and some software instruction as well.
— B. Herald
Many thanks for an incredibly informative and fun weekend. It has changed how I see, photograph and relate to buildings and has definitely improved my level of photography. Watching you manipulate images on the computer is priceless teaching and can never be reproduced in a manual or video tutorial. I do appreciate the work and care you take to produce such a quality course. It is definitely one that I would like to take again. 
Keep doing what you’re doing - it works.
— A. Burnett
The proof is in the pudding. I looked at the pictures that I took from this morning (Sunday) and there is no doubt that I am better than I was on Thursday. It’s a very dramatic transformation. It’s quite incredible, really. I am amazed.
— P. Yu
Many thanks for the great time I spent with you and fellow photographers at your 4 day London course. It has been an excellent experience. It has taken my photography to the next level. Your teaching method and advice has been a great help to develop my technique. I wholly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in architectural and street photography.
— A. Kurukgy
I attended Rick Hulbert’s workshop in Charleston, and I want you to know that I think he is a wonderful teacher. I have attended 10 or more educational workshops sponsored by the Nikonians and other companies, and they were all good. However, Rick’s workshop was fabulous. His perspective as an architect and a photographer is amazingly insightful, and he is passionate about his teaching. He says that he loves teaching, and it shows. The Nikonians Academy has a winner here.
— J. Sternbergh