Past Testimonials

One of the most informational and entertaining speakers I’ve seen. I learned a ton. I especially loved his attitude toward everything.
I’m applying what I learned in the class everyday! Only thing I’d change is make the class longer :)
You opened our eyes to a new way of looking … we appreciated being free to take whatever subjects caught our imagination. You were generous with your time and your comments were helpful.
Truly inspiring!
Richard Hulbert’s presentation to our photo club was focused, informative and engaging. His images were exquisite. They were a pleasure to view, and illustrated his points in a compelling manner.
You should know that your presentation profoundly changed (improved) the way many of us in the class shoot - myself included. The useful takeaways from it are too numerous to list. Thank you again.
Rick has a gift for teaching, a very helpful but good way of critiquing submissions and, most important, what he teaches is immensely useful. His visuals are excellent and can be very thought-provoking.
…it was one of the best photography classes I have taken. You have a real knack for teaching. Your lessons and feedback have really allowed me to grow as a photographer. You encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and gave me much more confidence in my abilities.
Your Travel Photography with an Architectural ‘bias’ was outstanding, or to put it in a teacher’s marking guide, it gets an A++.
You have had the most significant impact on my photography since I took it up and the smartest decision I’ve made in that regard was to take your workshop. Little did I know that you would change my photography life.
It was a great experience. I really liked the way you were the authority but were open to hearing our ideas. Overall Grade A+
Thanks for one of the best photographic learning experiences I’ve had. And I’ve had a lot. I could not have designed a more efficient way to learn the art and science of photography of architecture. Thanks for going above and beyond, way beyond, what we expected from the workshop.

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