Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in learning more about your workshops and presentations. How can I learn more?

Contact me with your questions and I will get back to you.


Are travel, hotel, and food costs included in the price of your workshops?

Given people’s special requests for lodging and dietary requirements, we have structured most workshops to allow travel options of how and when to travel, where to stay, and what to eat, so those costs are generally not included in the workshop fee.


I have a desire to learn about a specific aspect of photography. How can I get that information and knowledge?

Each workshop commences with the opportunity for attendees to express their individual preferences on specific topics. If the answers to your questions can’t be covered in the scope of the workshop topic, I can provide you with private instruction. Contact me via this website for prices and options.


If I attend one of your workshops and have a follow-up question after the conclusion, what do I do?

Participation in one of my workshops entitles you to a lifetime of specific topic–related questions. I enjoy staying in touch with alumni, and from time to time consult with past attendees. Learning is a two way street! Just contact me via this website.


I just want to take photos. Do you have travel workshops that allow me to do that?

Every urban travel photography workshop features a lecture/discussion and image critique/demonstration session each day. The “best light” hours of each day are reserved for hands-on photography. You have the freedom to photograph on your own for the balance of each day and night. Some attendees arrive early or stay after the actual workshop experience.


I am just a beginner and I am afraid I do not know enough to participate effectively. How do I get started?

Each of the workshops are geared to take your personal photographic skills and images to the next level, regardless of your level of experience. I have even had attendees who did not own a camera benefit from the workshop experience. That is because you will learn how to better see and perceive the environment around you. All I request is that if you do have a camera of any type, please read the manual and learn about the basic features of your camera. (The workshops are not courses in learning about your specific camera model.)


I am a professional photographer. Am I really going to get value out of taking one of your workshops?

I am approaching photography through the eyes of an international award–winning architect and photographer trained in visual design. That knowledge coupled with a master’s degree in environmental design allows me to approach photography at a high level. I am proud of the fact that I have had professional commercial photographers and fine art photographers attend and benefit significantly from my workshops.


I was hoping to take one of your workshops that is now full. Will you be repeating them in the future?

Yes, each workshop will be repeated assuming there is a continued interest.


None of the workshops you are currently giving are near where I live. When are you going to come to my territory?

If you can get a minimum of 5 other individuals in addition to yourself to agree on attending a workshop on any photographic subject in your general location, I will create a workshop in your area at a mutually convenient time. Sometimes, members of local camera clubs invite me to create a workshop for their membership.


Can you recommend specific Camera Equipment?

The type of camera and gear you bring to a workshop is totally flexible, but if you want me to recommend any type of gear, just contact me via this website.


Where are you based?

I am based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.