2016 Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you again for another brilliant course. I can’t believe how much my eye and skill has improved. My clients even notice a difference after each session you and I have together. Your creative touch is second to none! You are an absolutely brilliant teacher and I just can’t thank you enough for all of your time and expertise. You have made me feel incredibly proud to show off my hard work. Thanks to you my photography has reached a level that I had only dreamed about. The advice you have given me on the business of photography and marketing myself has been outstanding and has produced great results already. I am waiting with great anticipation for our next course.
— Gabriela Sladkova, Professional Photographer
Best seminar ever Rick - loved every minute! Thanks a million for a fabulous “show” with many new ideas and I loved trying to think on another level; congratulations! Hope we can get you back again sometime! . . . When and if you get bored doing this (which I doubt) you can change to a stand-up - you’d be a knock-out!
— Marcie Gauntlett
Thanks so much for an excellent and engaging class. I loved how you brought in knowledge from other disciplines, it enriched the experience of my learning. Your enthusiasm and passion for the subject material was contagious! I can’t wait to apply what I have learned! Thanks again!
— Preet Heer, Senior Community Planner
Rick, your Vancouver Architecture and Urban Photo Workshop was phenomenal. I really feel that your style of instruction coupled with your warm and humorous personality has enabled me to take my photography to the next level. Intercepting the light, watching the edges, and of course, keeping the camera level are all of my valuable takeaways. Your post-processing instruction offered more great and simple tips to add to my toolbox. I look forward to attending another one of your workshops in the future!
— Diane Spaidal
Rick - A friend recently wrote to me: “Your photographs of buildings and monuments are becoming rather significantly better every time.” The credit, of course, goes to you and only to you!
— Nathan Ginsbury
I posted the “halo-less” photo as well as the one under the bridge . . . and the CEO of The Woodlands Economic Development Partnership replied : “If you ever want to share, I would love to use your photos in our economic development presentations!” Wow! And all due to the lack of halos and maintaining straight lines. You are a genius! :-)
— Jean Drummond
President, The Woodlands Camera Club, Texas
Regardless of your proficiency level with cameras and regardless of the course title, any photography course taught by Richard Hulbert will enhance and improve your photographs. He is passionate, experienced and enjoys his success and that of his students. He generously shares his knowledge and provides feedback without judgment, aware that it is your photograph and your vision. The course content is always rich and Rick is skilled at making the technical aspects easy to understand. I look forward to the next photography course with Richard Hulbert.
— Lea Huusko
Since I have a degree in photography and have been shooting for more than 25 years (primarily weddings and portraiture alongside a great deal of travel and nature photography) I am continuously looking for ways to enhance my work so that it goes from being good work to great work! Your workshop provided me with so many tips and ideas to do this the most significant being the utmost importance of vertical and horizontal lines in architecture photography and the constant emphasis on keeping things clean and simple. The time we spent at the end of each day reviewing the work we’d done and the editing tips you provided were also extremely valuable to me. . . I had this incredible ‘AHA!” moment that solidified for me how to use Lightroom to really make my pictures go from good to great. . . You can’t get much better than that!
— Kim Hoy, Professional Photographer
Thank you very much for a most informative and engaging photography workshop. Your sense of humour along with your tremendous expertise made for an enjoyable workshop. I must say that there was considerable information passed along to us. It will take some time to absorb all the excellent tips and techniques. And thanks for sending along the notes.
— John Sarembas
I am a working Registered interior Designer and took this workshop to learn how to professionally photograph for my own portfolio. I have always enjoyed viewing and partaking in good photographic works, without a passion for taking photographs myself (my passion lies in design), however, after this intensive 4 day workshop on “Architecture and the Urban Environment”, I discovered that I now have a new passion for Photography and can’t wait to start honing my new skills! 

Rick Hulbert was passionate about his craft which translated directly to his ability to teach with humor, compassion and inventiveness. The group setting was great for a newbie, and I was fortunate enough to be with an instructor and a group that so willingly shared their experiences and knowledge to assist with my new learning path. Thanks for the great weekend Rick! I look forward to the next one!

— Jacqueline Brynjolfson
Registered Interior Designer
I want to thank you for the marvelous workshop you presented to the photo Club members yesterday! I, along with many others, really appreciated your presentation style, which greatly enhanced the delivery of your experience and knowledge. I have already started to review some of my previously taken images to ensure (in post processing now) that I have the verticals straight! Needless to say, I came away from the workshop feeling very satisfied, inspired and more knowledgeable than when I arrived in the morning. I am totally intrigued by your ‘multidisciplinary’ approach to photography! I am certainly hoping to attend some of your workshops in the future. Again, thank you so much.
— Vivienne Bearder
Past President, Oceanside Photographers
I am not surprised there have been so many accolades about your workshop. You gave a superb presentation with a clear message, entertainingly delivered with outstanding visuals. What made it exciting for me was that I saw two wows among the images you presented. I use that word sparingly. (My all time favourite wow is the image of the defiant afghan woman taken by Steve McCurry.) Your number one wow was the palace of fine arts in San Francisco taken in the blue light with a reflecting pool in front. The building itself was immaculately presented. . . wow number two was of the yawning pelican. Maybe some day I will produce a wow, I have not come remotely close yet but your talk and results inspired me to keep trying. They say it is all about the journey anyway.

Again thanks and congratulations.
— Ed Dunnett
Just wanted to say that I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from last nights presentation. Everyone loved your talk. I can certainly see why you’re such a popular instructor. We all learned something, and we all thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Hope to attend one or more of your workshops in the future. . . . Thanks again for an enjoyable and enlightening evening.
— Randall Epp
I have been thinking about the Vancouver workshop, and what a wonderful learning experience it was for me; I enjoyed and appreciated your teaching approach; our sessions together were collegial and fun; the practical knowledge you imparted to us was impressive and the classroom sessions on composition and Lightroom technique were so helpful.
— Tim Olcott
Now it’s my turn to say that as my favourite teacher . . . I’m immensely proud of your being chosen as the cover story in Canadian Camera Magazine. Your illustrating photographs are so beautiful and your 10 points typically Rick - clear, useful and challenging to implement. I’ll be taking another Rick Hulbert course. That’s a promise to myself.

My very best wishes to a teacher who has inspired so many with his enthusiasm and knowledge. It’s been a privilege to take your courses.
— Irene Graham
First and foremost I do not get up at 5 am in the sleety rain for just any workshop. Not only did Rick’s workshop solve some pesky ineptitudes that were holding back my images, but it was fun and interesting and best yet, I see the world of photo taking differently - through new eyes. I can’t wait to walk the streets of any city (or any other place for that matter) with my camera. I am equipped with Rick’s visual guidance, my own open eyes and I am looking for the definitive moment and now when I find it the chances are much better that it will not pass my camera by. I highly recommend Rick’s workshops to any and all interested in photography - Rick is interesting and interested and so very patient and generous with time, advice and great counsel.
— Lisa Colnett
I have just finished the second Vancouver Photography Workshop this year with Rick Hulbert and I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for offering courses with such a capable instructor. His expertise in photography, combined with his professional experience in architecture and urban planning, gives him a unique background, but almost more important to a student is his enthusiasm that each individual benefit from his knowledge. He was able to help every student progress in whatever direction he or she wanted to pursue and that has to be a testimonial to his expertise as a communicator and teacher. I learned a great deal and will be back for more.
— Ellen Williams
. . . Your approach as to “what’s right with this image” and “how can we make it better” combined with your practical knowledge of Lightroom 4, Nik Software Suite, Photoshop, etc. significantly deepened the learning experience.
You have . . . an ability to take a complex topic and make it understandable. Your knowledge of architecture, photography, hardware, software and photo theory is a breath of fresh air. . . Being both an architect and a photographer provided insight that neither just a photographer or architect would have. . . Your availability and your willingness to help out on the street made a difference. . . I particularly enjoyed the discussions regarding pre-visualization, types of space & colors effect on space and re-visualization and re-framing. . . So, great job! I had fun, I learned and I felt that I got my monies worth and will look forward to the opportunity to take another workshop with you.
— Tom Ferguson
Rick I just did David Duchemin’s Created Image workshop. . . Anyway, one of the students and I don’t remember the name— couldn’t stop talking about this guy Rick Hulbert who was the greatest thing since the D810...just so you know. Gotta take one of your classes...
— Steve Simon, The Passionate Photographer
Professional Photographer and Teacher
Thanks for a terrific workshop loaded with valuable information and inspiration for beautiful photography. Every workshop I have ever had from you has made me a better photographer. See you in some wonderful city somewhere.
— Peggy Curtis
Without any doubt your wide-angle workshop was one of the best photo workshops I’ve attended in the last few years. It was the perfect marriage between the instruction/use of wide angle/tilt shift lenses and processing the photos with Lightroom and Photoshop software. Superb, I learned a lot … many thanks.
— Neil leNobel
Thank you again for another brilliant workshop. I have learned so much from each of the workshops I have done with you. Your description of the workflow you use with Lightroom and other software was outstanding and has improved dramatically the appearance of my final images. It was a game-changer for me.
— Kevin Farrell
That was an awesome presentation…more like a full teaching workshop. I liked how you organized your ideas, loved your photographs and found your talk very informative. You have such a nice manner and sense of humour. I was expecting a quick slide show and a promo for your workshop with some generic photographic ideas interspersed. But this was like a full out educational workshop.
— Beryl Woodrow
It’s been 4 ½ years since I attended your Urban Photography Workshop in Seattle. Of all the training I’ve had, yours was by far the best. You had so many principles that have stuck with me. I really appreciate it.
— Duane Moore
I thoroughly enjoyed your course, your stories and your humour. I am very much a novice photographer but can see now, having learned so much in your class, what makes a pleasing photo. I hope to be successful in signing up for one of your courses next fall (spots go fast!!).
— Linda Lanoway
For the record, your workshop in Charleston has been the best workshop I’ve EVER taken. Your attention to detail, and subsequent class material is excellent. I’ve yet to find anyone who offers as much (at least in this Architectural style photography genre).
— Frank Villafane
I have had the pleasure of attending two of Rick’s architectural photography workshops and by doing so, I have grown immensely as a photographer. His passion and talent for architecture, photography and teaching is why I continue to seek his guidance and advice and I don’t hesitate to recommend Rick and his workshops to those who want to learn from the best.
— Sandra Bell