2017 Testimonials

I just took my third workshop since 2012 with Rick, and I keep coming back because I learn so much more each time. His discussions and talks are easy to follow, in depth, and full of things I hadn’t thought of. The first was an introduction to architecture photography, and I honed those skills on an excellent trip with him to Quebec City. This time I used architecture as the basis of a fine art workshop. He has also taught me street, travel photography, HDR, wide angle and panorama photography. He has an easy-going, friendly way of pointing out things I wouldn’t have considered photographing and different ways of making the image. My compositions are so much better and my post-processing skills have improved greatly under his gentle tutelage. So would I do another workshop with him? Definitely, as soon as I’ve practiced everything I learned on this one.
— Neil Boyle
If you want passion with patience in a course on photography, I highly recommend Rick Hulbert’s Ultimate Urban Travel Photography Workshop. As a teacher, I really admired not only Rick’s depth of knowledge, but his patience with answering questions and his understanding of how people learn. He helped us discover new ways to see what’s around us and how to capture those moments. In the classroom, he always found something positive to say about our photos but also had creative ideas for making them much more powerful. In the field, he showed us inspirational ways of looking at buildings we’ve walked by a hundred times … a cityscape we sometimes take for granted and compelling stories in the faces of people around us.
— Connie Monk
Thanks so much for a wonderful workshop experience. At the end of the first two days, I felt like I had gotten more than my money’s worth, and still had two more days to go. I learned so much from you over the past 4 days about photography and photo editing, but I also learned about honesty, patience, and the beauty of imparting knowledge. You were so generous with your knowledge and experience. You answered all our questions with such detail. Even when a question was already answered. I guess you can tell from my comments that your workshop left me invigorated and passionate to get out there and shoot. You are an incredible teacher and mentor, and I am looking forward to doing future workshops with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Derek Campbell
. . . I just wanted to let you know how much that I enjoyed the street photography photo workshop. You and Sheila make a great team. I was aware that I had learned a lot during the time but it wasn’t until I went back to Granville island on the day following the end of the workshop that I realized that the course had also awoken my vision so to speak and I was seeing possibilities for images that I would not have seen prior to the workshop. I would like to thank you for that. As I mentioned to you prior to the course I was beginning to feel a” bit stale” after doing primarily wildlife photography for the past 2 years, but I am now excited again about the possibility for making new images . . . I will certainly sign up for more of your workshops.
— David Burt
I have taken 5 or more workshops with Rick and have always increased my knowledge and skills. Rick teaches in a way that not only encourages learning, but sharing. He is well organized, moves from the known to the unknown and always finds time to assist each participant on an individual basis. One of the most illuminating and instructive areas is that of image analysis and editing in which he uses case studies to illustrate. Finally and importantly he conducts individual portfolio reviews as desired. Highly recommended.
— Dennis McMahon
This was the most enjoyable accredited continuing education I have done, by far. It was great to be surrounded by members of my profession who share a love for photography. Rick’s evident passion for his subject and deep breadth of experience made the classroom time fly by. HIs own amazing images from around the world and anecdotes about the taking of those images kept us all rapt. His course content was practical, applicable and clearly presented with lots of time for questions from all levels of photographer from novices to the experienced.
— Deborah Ross Armistead
For the record, your workshop in Charleston has been the best workshop I’ve EVER taken. Your attention to detail, and subsequent class material is excellent. I’ve yet to find anyone who offers as much (at least in this Architectural style photography genre).
— Frank Villafane, Professional Photographer
You deserve all the accolades you are receiving. Count me as another of your growing legion of followers. Since your Charleston workshop, the demand for my photography has grown, I have been published and I am now being paid as a real estate photographer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Barry Novakoff
Thank you for the incredible workshop in Chicago this past week.
     The thought that went into the planning for both location and classroom work was amazing. I also loved the size of the group as it was easy for you to work individually with us, and I did not leave the conference feeling that you were ever too busy to spend time on our individual challenges in post processing as well as capture.
     You’re extremely knowledgeable in your chosen paths . . . the history lessons in art and photography were brilliant, and the post processing techniques were so useful that I realized how much in the editing process I have been ignoring over the years. The biggest thing for me was your ability to make us feel entirely secure by being utterly non judgmental. This especially showed in the critique on Sunday. In that respect it was the best photo workshop I’ve ever attended because you’re clearly interested in education and inspiring growth in your classes. Sign me up for the next one, I’ll be there.
— Iden Ford
If one wants to be the best at something, one needs to learn from the best. It is a lucky thing that Vancouver is home-base to the very best! It is a pure delight to attend a workshop with Rick Hulbert. He has an ‘Einstein-esqueness’ in his presentations that is not only captivating - it’s informative! You’ll come away with knowledge you would have never expected … from ‘sexy’ lens flare to breathing edges, it’s a joy-ride of learning . . .Thank you, Rick, for your patience and passion.
— Christine Erikson