Rick Hulbert at the Public Salon

from the Vancouver Public Salon – at the Vancouver Playhouse


While I was honoured to have been invited by Sam Sullivan (former mayor of Vancouver, and current MLA for Vancouver–False Creek), to speak at the January 2017 Public Salon held at Vancouver’s Playhouse, I wanted the result to be an educational experience for the audience. For me, the camera is a great tool for enhancing human vision in a way that facilitates “going from seeing to perceiving” . . . perception being the difference between a conscious awareness of light and our creative abilities to comprehend and interpret how light shapes forms, and reveals volumetric space. Given my brief time frame (seven minutes), I was able to touch on the initial three characteristics of what our vision senses. These characteristics are also the initial three impacts that beholders of photography will sense when viewing images.

When you have a few minutes to spare, take a look and listen. Any and all comments will be appreciated. You can contact me at the following link: https://www.rickhulbertphotography.com/contact/