Vancouver Skyline Coal Harbour Photo

Ultimate Vancouver Photography Workshop
. . . from Super Urban to Super Natural

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA     May 2 - 6, 2019  (Thursday—Monday)



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Imagine a 5-day intensive photography workshop with three accomplished instructors guaranteeing personal attention for each attendee.

Join a small group of passionate photographers to explore, create, and be inspired.

We will photograph a variety of natural and constructed waterfront shorelines at sunrise and from afternoon golden hour through dusk. During our 5 days we will go to a variety of locations facilitating candid urban street photography.

This ultimate workshop will focus on techniques including:

  • Early morning extended dynamic range photography

  • Early evening long exposure photography

  • Midday street photography

  • Creative image editing using Lightroom Classic CC Software as a hub

  • Image reviews of selected attendee RAW files recorded during the workshop

Imagine a photography workshop that consists of equal parts:

  • Classroom presentations and discussions

  • Hands-on photography in the field

  • Image editing


You will learn techniques with three professional photography instructors that will include:

Extended Dynamic Range Imaging with Vancouver-based photography expert, Rick Hulbert. You’ll learn how extending the dynamic range of your images responds to and respects the art and science of human vision.
Long Exposure Photography with European photo instructor, Fernando Piçarra, who specializes in seascapes, (including waterfronts,) and landscapes. He will join us in Vancouver and teach how to benefit from using ND and polarizing filters as well as “focus stacking” to create stunning images.
Urban Street Photography with professional photographer Marion McCristall. Marion lives in the Vancouver area and divides her time between Canada and Portugal. She will teach ways to capture a “slice of life” and candid photographs of people in public places. You will learn how to document stories with your images that evoke a sense of place and time in an urban environment.
Creating Images that Sing featuring Rick Hulbert, Marion McCristall, and Fernando Piçarra. You will benefit from constructive evaluations of images taken by participants including a workshop using Lightroom Classic CC along with Photoshop and other selected software plug-ins.


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