Travel Photography Workshop . . . 4 sessions over 4 days

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA    Dates and times to be announced




How does a formal education in architectural and environmental design influence photography?  Rick Hulbert’s career as a Professional Architect and Urban Designer has resulted in his unconventional approach to teaching photography.

Whether it is his notion that “buildings are like people,” or his thoughts about an ideal photograph being like “a room with an inviting entrance, but with no obvious exit,” Rick hopes to provide an entertaining presentation that will combine a touch of learning, sharing, and inspiration for everyone.

We guarantee an enjoyable evening including a few laughs and Rick will show you how to take your photography the next level regardless of whether you are an amateur, an enthusiast, or professional image maker.

Fancy cameras are not necessary to make great photos any more than a fancy stove or oven is necessary to make a great meal.

Whether you wish to create great memories of your travels to share with friends and family, or want to better document or interpret your travel experiences, this workshop will help to improve your pictures.

Monday Lecture … Making Better Travel Photographs

  • Creating Memories while Capturing the Local Flavour
  • The Principles of Light, Distance, Perspective, and Angle of View
  • The Basic Elements of the Photographic Image
  • Automatic vs. Manual Control of your Camera
  • A guide to Photographing “Locals” and your Travelling Companions
  • Tips for Creating Better Pictures of Urban and Natural Landscapes

TuesdayHands on Field Photography.You will have an opportunity to explore the natural and constructed environment within walking distance of our classroom. Your instructor will be available to answer questions and assist you with your picture taking if you so desire.  

WednesdayConstructive Critiques of your selected images offering a learning experience for all. You wil

l have an opportunity to bring the digital files of a couple of your images taken on Tuesday f

or a “kind and gentle evaluation” by your instructor. The emphasis will be on ways to improve your photography.

Thursday Lecture … Before and After your Travels

  • How to research and prepare for your trip
  • Pre-Visualizing your images
  • Enhancing your images after they have been taken
  • How the lessons learned can work right here at home