How to create better photographs with your new “point and shoot” Camera

. . . a Crash Course 

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA    January 20, 2014  (7 - 10pm)




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This new 3 hour crash course is designed especially to focus on the benefits of that point and shoot camera you never learned how to use or the new smaller cameras that are all the rage. Whether you have an all in one camera with a fixed lens or one of the new CSC Compact System Cameras, this workshop will help take your photography to the next level.

While this is not necessarily a session on all of the features or your particular camera model, we cover a range of important issues directly related to getting better images from these cameras. The proposed discussion topics include the following subjects:

Starting off … where to begin:

  • What are the Benefits of the Compact Digital Cameras
  • In the beginning … from “0 to 60” for first time camera users
  • Defining your objective … what, who, where, how do you want to photograph?
  • Asking the tough question … Why do you want to photograph?

Pre-Visualization … what you should do before pressing the shutter:

  • How your camera “sees” and records vs. how we see and interpret
  • You are what you wear
  • It’s all about the “light”
  • Setting up your camera

Technique … holding your camera:

  • How to hold you camera and lens
  • Seeing through the viewfinder vs. the “looking glass” or LCD screen
  • How to click the shutter … the “squeeze” vs. the “rollover”
  • Improving your pictures using the classical “rules” of photography …
  • Keeping everything “on the level”

Style … how to insure better photos from your camera:

  • Isolating the Subject … Exclusion, Depth of Field, Cropping
  • Playing with Distance, Perspective, and Angle of View
  • Story Telling … Capturing the Mood and Atmosphere
  • Composition Basics … Framing the Fill vs. Filling the Frame

Note: While this workshop will help you get more out of your camera and improve your photography, it is not a course on how to use your particular camera. You need to read your manual and have a basic understanding of your camera’s key features.

Note: When you register, if you know the specific camera you will be bringing, let us know. It might affect the content of the in class discussion.

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