Photographing the Public Gardens of Vancouver

5 Days, 5 Gardens...$495 ($445 Early Bird Price!!)

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA July 15 - 19, 2013  SOLD OUT



“Photographing the Gardens of Vancouver” is a hands-on workshop designed to elevate the quality of your photography through a unique combination of lectures/discussions, field photography and constructive critiques. Whether you are interested in recording and documenting gardens, or creatively interpreting garden environments through photography, you will increase your knowledge and understanding of image making. 
While a very basic knowledge of photography along with a working knowledge of your camera is desirable, any camera/lens combination will work.

Who is this course for? Why should you take it? Who can benefit from taking this course?

Anyone who wants to learn the basics such as composition, natural lighting and to get out and photograph with an Instructor will benefit from this course.

Photograph in some of Vancouver's most stunning public gardens, including:

Queen Elizabeth Park’s Quarry Gardens
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden
VanDusen Botanical Garden
Stanley Park Gardens
Nitobe Memorial Garden

How will participants learn?

  • Learn to apply the “principles” of photographing designed and constructed outdoor environments 
  • Learn to recognize the importance of the quality, direction and reflection of natural light 
  • Explore the basic compositional elements of distance, perspective and scale 
  • Appreciate “Pre-Visualization” as a pre-curser to successful image making 
  • Learn the principles of “Clarity of Composition” 
  • Learn to accurately, realistically, and/or artistically portray garden environments