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. . . New date added due to popular demand!

Photographing the “Edge” of Night Workshop

. . . from Dawn through the Morning Golden Hour and
      from the Afternoon Golden Hour through Dusk and Beyond

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA    March 23 - 25, 2018 (Friday—Sunday)




Imagine a workshop focusing on photographing great light!

When the sun is close to the horizon, its light shines through a significant portion of the earth’s atmosphere creating a warm, diffuse light that envelops scenes like no other.

Think about the images that excite you most and chances are they were recorded during morning and afternoon golden hour light.

Add to this, the wonderfully contrasting city lights at dusk where post sunset light creates a glow that contrasts with city lights.


Join me and my teaching associate, Sheila Say, for a Downtown Vancouver photo experience that takes you step by step through the process of pre-visualization, image recording, and then the exhilarating process of post-processing or re-visualizing your images to make them “sing.”

We have pre-selected some great locations in an effort to provide you with options to record everything from “Cityscapes,” “Streetscapes,” and “Waterscapes,” to Plazas, Buildings and Bridges.


What you will learn . . .

  • Learn how to capture a wide dynamic range of light both day and night in an urban context.
  • Learn how to predict the best times and locations for “great light.”
  • Learn the basic elements of photographic composition that respect the history of drawing and painting.
  • Learn the basic elements of photographic composition that reflect our current understanding of the neurosciences.
  • Learn how to edit your own images to give them a “wow” factor.
  • Learn what beholders of your photographs will see and then perceive in the first few seconds of viewing your images.


How participants will learn . . .

  • Lectures
  • Class Presentations
  • Hands-on Field Photography
  • Photo Evaluations and Critiques
  • Image Editing Case Studies using your own RAW Files


Participant responsibilities . . .

  • Bring your passion for learning
  • Listen, react, inquire, participate
  • Share your own knowledge


Desired Gear:

In addition to any camera and lens(es) you want to bring, consider bringing a tripod that will ensure a stable platform for your camera and lens… Ideally including a remote release, cabled, delayed, or otherwise.

Whether you bring a point-and-shoot camera, a new mirrorless camera, an SLR, or the camera on your smartphone, you need to have a camera that you know how to use.


Tentative Schedule . . .

Friday Morning and Early Afternoon:

  • Presentation, Lecture, Discussion covering Pre-Visualization, Camera Settings           
  • Getting the most out of your present gear

Friday, Late Afternoon through Dusk and Beyond:

  • Field Photography

Saturday from Sunrise through the Morning Golden Hour:

  • Field Photography

Saturday Late Morning through Early Afternoon:                               

  • Initial image review, lecture on composition     

Saturday, Late Afternoon through Dusk and Beyond:

  • Field Photography

Sunday from Sunrise through the Morning Golden Hour:

  • Optional Field Photography

Sunday Mid-Morning through the Afternoon:

  • Post Processing to get the most out of your RAW files


Vancouver Meeting Location

Our Vancouver location will be in the heart of Gastown,

         322 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, Mezzanine Level, Room 206

The lecture and visual presentation portion of our workshop will commence each day at 10:00am.
Allow for some hands-on photography from late afternoon through dusk and beyond on Friday and Saturday.
Allow for some early morning hands-on photography on Saturday and Sunday.

There are 3 parking garages within walking distance.
We are surrounded by a host of eating establishments.
There is a choice of sleeping accommodations in the area if required.

Additional Information can be found here:  Gastown Workshop Information.pdf