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Old Havana, Cuba – 4-Day Photo Adventure with Rick Hulbert & Marc Koegel

How to photograph historic urban environments including architecture and other places for people

HAVANA, CUBA    March 1 - 4, 2017 (Wednesday—Saturday)




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Vancouver Photo Workshops is pleased to announce this exclusive photography workshop with destination to old Havana, Cuba!

The Old City of Havana is considered by many photographers as one of the best preserved Heritage Environments. From Buildings and Spaces to People and Their Activities, The Old City of Havana is loaded with virtually unlimited photographic opportunities.

Imagine combining Marc Koegel’s Internationally Acclaimed Long Exposure Fine Art Expertise with Rick Hulbert’s Internationally Acclaimed Heritage and Urban Photography Passion for Teaching in one super 4 day workshop experience.

Now imagine that enjoyable learning experience in one of the world’s most authentically preserved settings . . . Old Havana, Cuba.
Old Havana is a 500 year old urban settlement that is showing the effects of numerous threats to its incredible charm including age, neglect, decay, weathering, and most recently, the prospect of US tourism!


This workshop will have us out in the streets for non-stop hands-on photography. Rick and Marc will each demonstrate their unique photographic style(s), offering an incredible diverse range of photographic subjects.

Subjects covered will include Heritage Building Photography, Urban Street Photography, Long Exposure Photography, Fine Art Photography, Panoramic and Extended Dynamic Range Photography.


Marc and Rick will be available to address any questions you have about photography. Arrive early and/or extend your stay in Havana for a memorable experience that will guarantee you some awesome images that will make your friends jealous!

You will learn how to create jaw dropping images that will be the envy of both your photographer friends and potential future clients. You might even be able to impress your kids!




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