How to Photograph Architecture and the Urban Environment – 6 Week Course

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA        Monday Afternoons:  Oct 28 - Dec 9, 2013  SOLD OUT




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Vancouver Photo Workshop is proud to offer this unique 6 week Course coming this Fall.

Spanning the genres of Travel Photography, Street Photography and Architectural Photography, this course will help propel your photography to the next level.

Whether you are interested in recording and documenting buildings, or artistically interpreting urban environments through photography, you will elevate your knowledge and understanding of urban settings and your quality of photography.

We will also discuss how the digital darkroom can enhance your images like never before.

Regardless of the photo equipment you employ, you will benefit from the ideas put forward during this 6 week course.

Who is this course for? Why should you take it? Who can benefit from taking this course?
Anyone who takes photography seriously and wants to learn about Architectural and Urban Photography will benefit from this course.

This course will benefit you in ways that will allow you to:

  • take your current photographic skills to the next level
  • accurately, realistically, or artistically portray urban settings and the elements within
  • learn and apply the basics of Street Photography and Travel Photography
  • better photograph buildings, streets, and public places
  • work with the basic compositional elements of distance, perspective and scale
  • anticipate the importance of the quality, direction and reflection of natural light
  • apply the “rules” of photographing Cityscapes and the buildings and spaces within
  • incorporate “emotion” and “atmosphere” and “story telling” into your photography
  • “capture” and “develop” better photographs

How will participants learn?

This introductory course will consist of an overview of a number of principles of Architectural and Urban Photography.

Participants will learn concepts and skills through the following activities:

  • Lectures
  • Class discussions
  • Demonstrations
  • Field Photograhy
  • Photo Evaluations and Critques


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