Hands-On HDR and Extended Dynamic Range Photography Workshop

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA    September 7 - 10, 2017 (Thursday—Sunday)




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Two of the fastest growing photographic techniques today include High Dynamic Range Photography and what I refer to as Extended Dynamic Range Photography. This is largely due to the fact that Software Programs like Lightroom CC, Photomatix Pro, HDR Efex Pro, and Aurora HDR 2017 have now made it relatively effortless to achieve great images.

A key distinguishing characteristic of digital photography is the relative ease with which it is possible to capture and portray an extended dynamic range of light approaching that of human vision. Continuing advances in both sensor and software design, continues to improve the ease of achieving that goal. While either a modern sensor or contemporary software, alone, can simplify that process, the combination can bring a smile to the face of a photographer searching for an honest expression

All you need to bring to learn the basics of High Dynamic Range and Extended Dynamic Range Photography is yourself … and a mind and an attitude eager to learn … along with a desire to have fun.


To learn more and register, click here.