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Getting Started with your Digital SLR Camera - 3 Hour Crash Course

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA    January 13, 2014 (7pm - 10pm)




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So you got a new digital SLR Camera (or haven't used yours in a while)?

Looking to get some great tips on how to get started using it and take better pictures?

Wondering if there is an easy way to explain the 'numbers' like shutter speed, aperture and ISO?

Curious about which camera settings to use in which shooting situation?

Want to go from 'Snap Shots' to 'Great Shots'?

Then this "Getting Started with your Digital SLR" Crash Course is what you have been waiting for!

In only 3 hours VPW Director Marc Koegel will 'take the fear away' and have you on your way to taking better pictures with your digital SLR.

Whether you're new to digital photography or have been shooting for while, this seminar is filled with tons of real-life tips and tricks on how to easily and effectively turn 'snapshots' into 'great shots'.

Marc will address the most used and important digital camera features and functions; he'll discuss exposure, shutter speed and aperture, ISO, white balance, how and why to select a particuar shooting mode, autofocus and metering settings. In discussing these settings, Marc will show a large slideshow of imagery illustrating each setting and concept. He'll go over various shooting situations, such as photographing at a dinner party, a sporting event, your kids at play, scenery while travelling etc and tell you exactly how to set your camera for best results!

In addition to all the technical details, we have also set aside time to discuss the basic rules of composition and what makes pictures stand out and be instantly recognizable.

A comprehensive set of handouts will be provided.

Time is set aside to answer our questions throughout the event.

Upon completion of this Crash Course you will be able to:

– Understand how your digital camera works
– Understand the technical as well as the creative uses of shutter speed
– Understand the technical as well as the creative usees of aperture
– Understand your camera's lightmeter and metering modes
– Understand your camera's autofocus settings and when to use manual focus instead
– Understand when, how and why to select a specific ISO
– Understand when, how and why to select a specific shooting mode
– Understand how to use depth-of-field as a creative compositional tool
– Understand how to use your camera in complete manual mode
– Understand lens focal-lengths and how to use them to create more effective photographs
– Understand the basic rules of composition (and also how to break them)

Start taking better pictures! Join us for this 3 hour Crash Course!

VPW has been a leader in photographic education in Vancouver since 2004! We have thousands of satisfied students walk through our doors each year. Join us and take your photography to the next level!

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