Image of workshop group above by Patrick Yu!

Image of workshop group above by Patrick Yu!

Fine Art Colour and Black & White Digital Printing Workshop

with Rick Hulbert & Marc Koegel

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA    February 7 - 10, 2019 (Thursday—Sunday)


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Your instructors Rick Hulbert and Marc Koegel welcome you to an exclusive workshop aimed to creating stunning photographic prints. Limited to only 6 participants, we will spend time in the classroom as well as on-location photographing together.

Creating a masterpiece print that will leave an indelible impression on a viewer or client in the digital age is not an easy process.

Like the Master Printers of old, digital technology requires fine technical knowledge, as well as a unique vision if it is to stand out from the thousands of other art prints in the world today.

From capture to post processing to your choice of software, paper, ink and printer, the steps and decisions you make along the way drastically change how your printed image will look. There are so many variables and so many products in the market place that it can be difficult to know where to begin.

In this intensive 4 day workshop you will learn everything you need to know to make consistently beautiful prints in both color as well as black & white. Every participant will be able to make several test prints and leave with a minimum of 2 prints of 17" x 22" each in size. We will have a professional 24" inch wide Epson printer with a variety of media available for use for this workshop.

We will discuss the different kinds of technology and media available for the digital printer and what the positives and negatives are in relation to these products. We will be making prints for each participant and you will be able to watch the entire process and ask questions along the way.

Along with teaching the required technical skills your instructors Rick Hulbert and Marc Koegel will also discuss the aesthetics of fine art printing and how to create a proper digital printing workflow. We will talk about differences in perception, how the human eye views a color print differently from a black-and-white print and how this knowledge will change the way you shoot a scene for final output. You will learn about contrast, mood, creative cropping and the psychology of the viewer as it relates to fine art prints.

For our classes we use the highest quality Epson printers available. We will discuss the variables between these printers and also any specific issues related to printing with Epson products.

Our classroom sessions are schedule for 10am - 4pm each day, giving us an opportunity to go out for some photography before and/or after.

Maximum of only 6 students in this workshop!



International Award winning and published Architect (retired), Urban Designer, and Photographer
Lecturer, Teacher and Seminar Panel Participant on four continents
Fellow, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Former President of the Architectual Institute of British Columbia
Academician, Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and a former professional Architect and Urban Designer

Richard’s educational philosophy includes the following notions:

  • Adults learn more from story telling than from memorization

  • Learning is heightened when key principles can be related to a humorous circumstance

  • Effective learning arises when knowledge is self-discovered with directed input, as opposed to being “taught”


Marc Koegel is a Vancouver, B.C. based fine art photographer, educator, writer and director of Vancouver Photo Workshops. His black and white long exposure landscapes, nudes and architecture photographs have been widely exhibited in Vancouver as we as internationally in the US and Europe.

Born in Germany, Marc first came to Canada in 1996 to earn an Economics degree. He has been seriously involved with photography ever since he was given his father's camera and darkroom setup at the age of 12.

Marc has worked and studied with many internationally acclaimed photographers, including Joe McNally, Greg Gorman, Jay Maisel, Arthur Meyerson, Mary Ellen Mark, Ralph Gibson, David Hume Kennerly and Jon Cone from Cone Editions Press.


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