Chicago Fine Art Photography Workshop

with Rick Hulbert and Sharon Tenenbaum

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS    September 22 - 24, 2017 (Friday—Sunday)



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    Fusion of ART and ARCHITECTURE
    Gaining from the opposing viewpoints of a realistic Architectural point of view,
    in contrast with an Artistic interpretation of reality.


    * We will walk you through the intricacies of post processing, regardless of your level of experience.


    This workshop is designed for you, whether you are...

    • A very organized, rational, and logical individual who now wants to discover and assert your creative side.
    • A photography enthusiast who wants to step up their game and create some jaw dropping images.
    • Wanting to learn more advanced Photoshop Post Processing techniques.
    • Blessed with more gear than you really need and now want to know how to make great photographs.
    • Hoping to win some (or more) awards or get big bucks for your images.
    • Desiring to participate in an intensive 3 day experience that will provide you with knowledge that is personalized for your own needs and objectives . . . a learning experience that is limited to a maximum of 6 students per instructor.


    How will you benefit from this fine art photography workshop?

    • Learn the process of creating fine art photography from pre-visualizing your images through effective post processing techniques.
    • You will learn how to develop your own unique artistic approach to creating photos that are considered fine art.
    • Understand how people see and perceive the world around them and perhaps more importantly, be able to anticipate how people will react to your images.
    • Understanding of how Long Exposure Photography and Extended Dynamic Range Imaging can assist in your exploration of Fine Art Digital Photography.



    **Maximum of 12 participants.



    Who are your instructors and why is their collaboration so great for learning?


    Sharon Tenenbaum is an internationally recognized Fine Art photographer.

    Originally trained as a Professional Civil Engineer, Tenenbaum is an entirely self-taught artist, having learned her craft through personal research and practical experience behind the camera. Some of her achievements are a first place awards in the 2015, 2013, 2011 and 2008 International Photography Awards for her architectural images, a publication in National Geographic and publications of three books, a Vancouver Photography Book Vancouver Like No Other and E-Books: How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography, and Left & Right Brain, A photographers understanding of these mindsets and how the affect our visual interpretation of art.

    Sharon teaches Fine Art Photography and Long Exposure Photography at Langara College in Vancouver, BC.

    To see more of Sharon’s work including her award winning exploits:



    Rick Hulbert is an international award–winning and published architect, urban designer, and photographer with a passion for teaching.

    Rick was one of only two North American Photographers invited to participate in the 2015 World Art Games held in Bratislava, Slovakia. In addition, Rick was invited to address the entire Visual, Performing, and Literary Arts Community on the subject of “How an Understanding of Human Vision can Enhance Your Artistic Endeavours.”

    Rick has been a frequent lecturer, teacher, and seminar panel participant on four continents. He has been named a Fellow in the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, which is among the highest honours that can be bestowed upon a member. He is a former President of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. Notably, Rick is also an Academician in the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, one of the youngest members ever to be elected to that august body. As an architect, Richard has won design awards or has had his works published each and every year for the past 35 years.

    Learn more about Rick including what others students have said about him as a Teacher of Photography:



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