Photographing Urban Structures is an online photography course that will take your architectural photography to the next level. (CLICK HERE to sign up.)


“Rick Hulbert’s photography is informed by his background as an International Award Winning and Published Architect, Urban Designer, and Teacher of Photography.

As a trained educator, his video content has been honed by his university lectures and hands-on photography workshops to literally thousands of people throughout North America and Europe.

Whether you are just starting out in photography, are an avid enthusiast, or are a practicing professional photographer, you will benefit from Rick’s out-of-the-box approach to photographing the designed and constructed environment.

Do you find that as you read more and more about photography, you start to see and hear the same things over and over again?

The key to expanding your knowledge base within any discipline is to study and learn from other fields of endeavor, and then apply that knowledge to your own chosen area of interest.

Rick has taken what he has learned as an Architect and Urban Designer from the Arts and Sciences over the past decades, and applies that knowledge to photography in a way that will be guaranteed to ‘up your game’ and provide new insights towards the enjoyment and practice of architectural photography.”


Watch the Introduction Video to Photographing Urban Structures by clicking below:

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