Extended and High Dynamic Range Photography Workshop
… from ‘Realism’ to ‘Surrealism’

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA    May 16 - 19, 2019 (Thursday—Sunday)



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Note: This is a new Workshop offering!

Two of the fastest growing photographic techniques today include High Dynamic Range Photography and Panorama Photography. This is largely due to the fact that Software Programs like Lightroom have now made it relatively effortless to achieve great images.

All you need to bring to learn the basics of High Dynamic Range and Panorama Photography is yourself … and a mind and an attitude eager to learn … along with a desire to have fun.

Rick Hulbert will help you though all the steps necessary to create great images that will be the envy of your friends and family and will impress your clients. You will be treated to a combination of lectures, hardware demonstrations, hands-on shooting, and software demonstrations using selected class images.

The beauty of this workshop is that no special gear is required. Rick is going to use Lightroom Software as a hub for post processing your images, but at your personal request, he will also demonstrate other popular software options including Photomatix Pro, HDR Efex Pro, Aurora HDR Pro, and Photoshop. Whether you want to create “realistic” or “surrealistic” images, Rick will show you the way.

You will learn how to set up your camera to obtain the best results.
You will learn the best techniques for achieving the look you want.
You will learn though demonstrations and though hands-on field photography.
If you so desire, Rick Hulbert will be with you on location and will show you how to set up your own camera for best results in achieving HDR and/or Panoramic images.

The best part of this workshop is that it will guarantee that acquiring an understanding how to create Panoramic images and High Dynamic Range images will improve your traditional still photography.

Knowledge is power. Rick’s aim is to provide you with an understanding of photography that can’t be found in photography books . . . not yet, anyway!

Who is this course for? Why should you enroll?
Who can benefit from taking this course?
Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Extended and High Dynamic Range Imaging will benefit from this course.

How will participants benefit?

Participants will learn concepts and skills through the following activities:

  • Talks

  • Class Discussions

  • Demonstrations

  • Field Photography

  • Constructive Evaluations of Student Images

This Workshop will be held at:

The Sylvia Hotel Vancouver
1154 Gilford St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2P6, Canada

If you'd like to stay at the hotel the workshop is being held at, for a possible reduction in the standard room rate, you can call or email the manager, Chantelle, and mention your participation in the “Photography Workshop” lead by Rick Hulbert. Phone Number: 604 681-9321; email: chantelle@sylviahotel.com

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