Fine Art Photography of the Designed and Constructed Environment

with Rick Hulbert & Marc Koegel

BERLIN, GERMANY    September 6 - 9, 2018 (Thursday—Sunday)



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Urban environments comprise the most diverse target-rich places to photograph anywhere. Most photographs contain a “subject” within a setting or background. The cool reality is that Buildings and Urban Places are both subjects and settings. Think about all of the images you have taken or will take in the future that contain buildings as the featured subject or as backgrounds to a myriad of other photo subjects … like people, for instance.

This workshop series is designed to raise your photography to a “fine art” level regardless of whether you consider picture taking a hobby, or you are a serious enthusiast, or a professional photographer. There are principles for photographing buildings and other man-made structures, and knowing these principles will make you a better photographer. Mastering these rules will allow you to learn how “break” them in a deliberate, meaningful and artistic way.

Fine Art Photography will allow you to go beyond documentation into the realm of interpretation.

While the illustrated lectures will give you the fundamental information you need, we will spend a significant portion of the workshop in the field, with hands on photography. Your professional instructors, Marc Koegel, and Rick Hulbert will also give daily constructive critiques of your own selected images which is a key part of the learning experience.

As important as recording your images, we will then show you are respective image editing workflows that will make your images “sing.”


This workshop is designed to get you to think about concepts in architectural and urban photography that you hadn’t thought of or considered before.

That is, admittedly, a rather bold statement. However, that is exactly what this four day experience will achieve.

You will discover how to better frame and crop architectural and urban images based on both the history of Drawing and Painting along with the emerging sciences of human vision.

You will learn how to create jaw-dropping images that will be the envy of both your photographer friends and potential future clients. You might even be able to impress your family!


An exclusive four-day workshop with two Internationally Recognized Professional Photography Educators for a maximum of 10 participants


Subjects covered will include the following:

  • The Art and Science of Photographic Composition
  • Architectural and Urban Photography
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Extended Dynamic Range Photography
  • Editing your own images in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop as “hub” programs with various “plugins”
  • The subjects covered can apply to many genres of photography including Street Photography and Travel Photography


How will you benefit from this fine art photography workshop?

  • Learn the process of creating fine art photography from pre-visualizing your images through effective post processing techniques.
  • You will learn how to develop your own unique artistic approach to creating photos that are considered fine art.
  • Understand how people see and perceive the world around them and perhaps more importantly, be able to anticipate how people will react to your images



Who are your instructors and why is their collaboration so great for learning?




Rick Hulbert is an International Award–Winning and published Architect, Urban Designer, and Photographer with a passion for teaching.

Rick was one of only two North American Photographers invited to participate in the 2015 World Art Games held in Bratislava, Slovakia. In addition, Rick was invited to address the entire Visual, Performing, and Literary Arts Community on the subject of “How an Understanding of Human Vision can Enhance Your Artistic Endeavours.”

Rick has been a frequent lecturer, teacher, and seminar panel participant on four continents. He has been named a Fellow in the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, which is among the highest honours that can be bestowed upon a member. He is a former President of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. Notably, Rick is also an Academician in the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, one of the youngest members ever to be elected to that august body.

As an architect and Photographer, Richard has won design awards or has had his works published each and every year for the past 4 decades.

Learn more about Rick including what others students have said about him as a Teacher of Photography:




Marc Koegel is a Vancouver, B.C. based Fine Art Photographer, Educator, Writer and Director of Vancouver Photo Workshops. His black and white long exposure landscapes, nudes and architectural photographs have been widely exhibited in Vancouver as well as internationally in the US and Europe.

Born in Germany, Marc first came to Canada in 1996 to earn an Economics degree. He has been seriously involved with photography ever since he was given his father's camera and darkroom setup at the age of 12.

Marc has worked and studied with many internationally acclaimed photographers, including Joe McNally, Greg Gorman, Jay Maisel, Arthur Meyerson, Mary Ellen Mark, Ralph Gibson, David Hume Kennerly and Jon Cone from Cone Editions Press.


How will you learn?

  • Lectures
  • Class Presentations
  • Hands-on Field Photography in Berlin
  • Photo Evaluations and Critiques
  • Image Editing Case Studies using your own RAW Files

What are your responsibilities?

  • Bring your passion for learning
  • Listen, react, inquire, participate
  • Share your own knowledge

What Kind and Type of Gear should you bring?

In addition to any camera and lenses you want to bring, consider bringing a tripod and tripod head that will ensure a stable platform for your camera and lens… Ideally including a remote release, cabled, delayed, or otherwise.

Whether you bring a point-and-shoot camera, a new mirrorless camera, an SLR, or the camera on your smartphone, you need to have a camera that you know how to use.




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